Did you ever try a full body massage in Mumbai from your opposite gender therapist?
Body massages are becoming highly accepted these days as it comes to offer huge health benefits that eliminate the need of taking medicine every now and then. But when it comes to the massage therapists, we mostly think of the female therapist rather than male therapist and it is also true that most of us feel highly comfortable to get a perfect body massage from a female therapist only. A research has shown that almost 80% of

Body Massage in Mumbai
Body Massage in Mumbai

the therapist in the USA is female. But this does not mean that males are not able to offer you that comfort level which female can offer rather the male therapists too are equally good. In our body massage center in Mumbai, we have both the therapist and all kind of female to male massages are available there. So, you can choose your required massages type and the therapist.
Anyways, if you are really confused that how to choose the right therapists according to
your need, then this article is just for you as we have discussed here the main difference
between the male and female therapist. So, have a read.

Female to male body massage services in Mumbai, which one to choose?

mWhen you are wondering that which therapist is best for you, male or female, just consider the following factors and things will become much easier for you.
Comfort level Body massage is all about relaxing at the spa centre to relieve all the stress and spending some quality time there. So, you need to ensure that you can stay relaxed and feel free during the whole time of massage. While the world is bit biased towards female when it comes to massages, you can also go for choosing a female therapist as well if you feel

Massage in Mumbai
Massage in Mumbai

uncomfortable being massaged by a men. Self consciousness is what might interrupt the
comfort level and the whole relaxation might be disrupted. Similarly a male client prefers to
receive a massage from the male therapist only. So, when you book a massage in Mumbai, first consider with whom you are more comfortable and then go for booking a massage.
Strength Every female therapist is highly trained and skilled and they know all that much needed strokes to help you get rid of the stubborn knots. But it can’t be denied that men posses more physical strength than a female therapist and if you are suffering long from a stubborn pain, a men’s touch is really needed to help you get rid of that situation.
Experience Finally it is all about the best massage from a spa centre which can be received from a very experienced and well trained therapist. If you are comfortable with any therapist either male or female, then choose the higher experienced and skilled therapist as they better know the perfect stroke to provide you the best comfort.

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