If you looking forward to have yourself massaged in a good massage parlour in Mumbai then go no further; we offer some of the most refreshing massages. Aromatherapy is one of our specialities and the essential oils used in these massages are what make them extraordinary. Every essential oil has its own set of abilities which work towards your well-being. They alleviate your mood instantly and restore your energy. After just one massage service you will feel different and relaxed, such is the power of essential oils. Although there is a range of essential oils available with us today we are going to explain to you about their benefits and their soothing properties.

Benefits of Body Massage in Mumbai

Lavender Oil
Lavender essential oil has magical benefits. When we use lavender oil in body massage

Massage Parlour in Mumbai
Massage Parlour in Mumbai

it helps in relaxing your tiring muscles. It also lowers blood pressure and its anti-microbial properties stimulate your immune function. Lavender oil also smoothens your skin as it detoxifies pores and relieves from nausea too. After a good massage at our spa with lavender oil will you will feel energetic and rejuvenated.
Rose Oil
Rose oil has aphrodisiac benefits along with several others. Just like a rose invigorates
amorous feelings so does its oil. It helps in fighting depression and is also helpful for people who are suffering with extreme body pain which is not something uncommon when we are working under extreme stress and pressure. It also has anti-septic properties and relieves you from cold and influenza. So, if you are feeling low and physically unfit walk in to our spa in Mumbai and have yourself re-energized once again for your hectic lifestyle.
Angelica Oil
Angelica oil has a European background and it was long used in medicines. It has a
calming effect on your body and it improves your blood circulation. Angelica oil has a musky, warm and earthy aroma and is very soothing when you inhale it. It automatically lifts your mood and makes you feel joyful. The oil makes you feel positive and it calms down your temper. Angelica oil when combined in our massage therapy, boosts your mood and gets rid of all your stress and anxiety.
Chamomile Oil
Chamomile oil is yet another magical oil which we use in the body massage centre in Mumbai. It is a helps in inducing bountiful perspiration that gets rid of the toxic agents in
your body. It also has a cooling effect and relieves your body from aches and pains.
Chamomile gets rid of anger, sad or depressed mood and relaxes your brain. The oil is also one of the best essential oils to have a beautiful and smooth skin. Our massage centre is well-equipped with a modern look and a comforting interior to relax
your body and mind. We also have female to male massage in Mumbai parlour. Let us help you deal with the daily stress that you have to deal in your daily lives. Visit our spa to benefit from our customised, soothing and refreshing massages.

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