Are you looking splurge in a good Massage Parlour in Pune? Our body goes through a lot of physical and mental stress everyday because of the work and other demanding activities in our lives. If we don’t take a break for ourselves then we may be physically and mentally drained. Massage is your way to wellness. Massages are a modern way to indulge your body in luxury and relieve it of tension and anxiety. There are different types of massages that we offer in our spa. Each one is special and relaxes your body in different ways.

Here are some Body massages tin Pune hat we have for you

Balinese Massage
Balinese massage is a very special massage that we offer at our body massage parlour in Pune. Acupressure, reflexology, smooth and gentle stretches in a perfect amalgamation is

Massage Parlour in Pune
Massage Parlour in Pune

what is Balinese massage. It stimulates positive energy around you and so as you relax your body your mind is also refreshed. While massaging in the Balinese technique your skin is stroked in special ways with aromatic oils and  lotion. Besides just calming down your senses Balinese massage also boosts your circulation.
Hot Stone Massage
Water warmed stones are used in this type of massage. These are special basalt stones that have heat retaining abilities that loosen your muscles and relax your body. There are several other health problems that are addressed when you have a hot stone body massage.
Trigger Point Massage
Trigger massage is also meant to get rid of chronic pain of your muscles. For those who feel pain that comes from a specific point then they should opt for trigger point massage. It helps in easing your body pain at specific points and relaxes your body.
Are you aware how much we tend to strain our feet during the day. Our feet take our whole body weight and while doing so there is much walking and running around that it does. It is likely that we pamper it whenever we can and the best way to do it is through reflexology. There are many important pressure points in our feet which when massaged relieve our body from pain and tension. Our massage service in Pune offers reflexology to sooth our sore and tired feet.
Lomi Lomi Massage

Originated in ancient Polynesia the lomi lomi way of massage is quite different from the other massages. This massage therapy is also known as loving hands massage. The therapists have been trained by skilled people who are masters in lomi lomi way of massage. In this form of massage the hands of the therapist will just glide softly over your body. The touch is meant to relax your body and get rid of all the tension. It gives you a different feeling of a spiritual level while also de-stressing your body.
Every massage at our spa in Pune has a different effect. To keep yourself going and to cope with the hectic schedule have regular body massages with us.

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